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The “International Christian Chivalry Union – Legion of Christ – UCCI” has been established in order to re-ignite and activate that chivalric spirit which, in the Name of Christ, has been a constant source of Light and Progress for our civilisation over the centuries. The provisional headquarters are in via Teatro Massimo 6, Catania .


The objectives of the Union are: to unite the Christian knights of the world as brothers so that, in the reciprocal respect of their own Religious Confession and the Institutions of their own country, they maintain the immortal flame of the Spirit alive, promoting, in the light of Human Love and Brotherhood, with actions and works, with writing and, especially, with example, always inspired by the Gospels and the Faith in Christ, those initiatives and institutions of human solidarity, directed to protection of the weak and the derelict, the propagation of Christianity, the defence of Christian morality, for which the Knights have left indelible footsteps over the centuries, always constituting the principal defensive bulwark of our civilisation.


The Union is apolitical and non-partisan, open to nobles of blood and spirit, knights and dames of every national and non-national, Religious and Secular Chivalric Order and those who have been awarded civic and military honours, belonging to any nationality and Christian Confession, as long as they are of irreprehensible personal and family morality. Those who are distinguished through their honour and personal activity and demonstrate that they follow the same ideals of Christian Chivalry are also admitted to be a part of the Union , although they do not exactly belong to the above categories. The Union is divided according gender and by age, with members classified as “Applicants” from ages 15-18, “Cadets” from 18-21 and “Soldiers” if they are older.


Those who aspire to membership in the Union must present an “application” together with two ID photos and the following documents: a) personal and family CV, indications of nobility, chivalric background and cultural activity, with the following documentary evidence; b) birth certificate; c) baptism certificate or equivalent document; d) certificate of residence; e) criminal certificate; f) copy of the signed oath.

Admission will be granted by the Chairman, in consultation with the General Secretary. Members of the Union will receive a Diploma and a Membership Card, signed by the Chairman and counter signed by the General Secretary, indicating the category of membership. Members are obliged to participate in the life of the Union , paying the prescribed dues for admission and upon reaching statuary objectives. As well as voluntary withdrawal, membership in the Union may be terminated through expulsion because of unworthiness, lack of discipline or default, according to the regular procedures of the Court of Honour.


The Assets of the Union comprise:
• ordinary and extraordinary contributions from members;
• fees and profits for studies, works, exhibits, competitions, conferences and the like;
• bequests or donations received by the UNION for any reason. The assets are managed by the Secretary General assisted by the Treasurer and by the Administration Secretary.

Administrative control is exercised by three Auditors, chosen from among those with particular accounting skills. If the Union is wound up, the assets will be used for good works.


The following are officers of the Union :
• the Chairman;
• the Secretary General;
• the Vice Secretary General;
• the Administration Secretary;
• the General Treasurer;
• the General Grand Priors, representing the various Confessions, to whom is entrusted the spiritual assistance to members;
• the Delegates, Inspectors and National Priories;

All of the above, meeting together, constitute the Executive Committee of the Union . Delegates, Inspectors and Regional, Provincial and Municipal Chaplains are supporting roles. The following have purely honorary roles, with just an advisory vote:

  • High Protectors;
    • The Honorary Grand Prior General;
    • The Court of Honour, numbers unlimited.

All of the above roles are honorary positions and do not give the right to any remuneration, with the exception of expenses, set on a yearly basis according to need by the Secretary General.


The Secretary General represents the Union . At least one a year and every time that the Chairman so decides, the Secretary General shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee, as set out above in article 6.


The President, the Secretary General, the Vice Secretary Generals, the Administration Secretary and the General Treasurer are elected by a majority vote from the Members of the Executive Committee and the Supreme Council of the Union , comprising the Executive Committee and the honorary officers and the Delegates, Inspectors and Regional Chaplains, called to a Plenary Meeting. They hold their positions for renewable terms of five years. If they are not renewed, they enjoy legal membership of the Executive Committee.

All the other positions are appointments made by the Chairman, upon proposals from the Secretary General, following advice from the Grand Priors and the National delegates; their term is three years and they can be renewed by the members at the general meeting. If this is not possible for various reasons, the Chairman will officially appoint a new Delegate. The above is extended for the appointment of the Regional and National Delegates through the vote of their respective provincial and regional representatives (the delegates).


The Secretary General shall establish the following bodies:
• a Court of Honour for the examination of disciplinary questions, comprising five Members, one of which acting as Chairman;
• a Legal Office;
• a Heraldic-Chivalric Consultancy Office.

Particularly suited individuals shall be invited to take on these roles.


The Union proposes to establish links of cordiality and collaboration with all similar religious and secular Organisations, as well as with those individuals and associations who follow the same ideals in this field.


The Standard of the Union is of white and light blue silk, adorned by the Emblem, containing below the national colours of the State in which it has headquarters. The EMBLEM is a large, steel Samnite Shield surmounted by two crossed steel swords, decorated by a shiny Golden Cross surmounted by a steel Helmet, with frontal flourishes, a half raised visor and ruffle made from steel. CLOAK: crimson velvet, decorated with a golden fringe, lined with ermine. MOTTO: Usque Christum – Christi itinere . Surrounded by the words: International Christian Chivalry Union – Legion of Christ – UCCI. There is also a special “cape” as well as a “pin” and a “Medal of Merit” to reward particular achievements within the scope of the activities of the organisation.

Notary Antonio Las Casas

Registered in Catania on 25-6-1963 at n. 9930.